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Celebrations of Life, Funerals and Memorials

Civil Funeral 

More people are choosing to have a civil funeral rather than a religious funeral. This can be because they are not religious or they want more choice and flexibility with the content of the service. A civil funeral is all about reflecting the wishes, beliefs and values of the deceased and their family, rather than those of the person conducting the funeral. A civil funeral may have no religious content at all, or may include hymns and prayers. 

Having to arrange a funeral service for your loved one is one of the last things you can do for them, and you will want more than anything to get it right. Helping you to do that, and creating a service that honours their wishes and beliefs, celebrates their life and gives you, your family and your friends the opportunity to remember them, celebrate them and say goodbye to them.

As a qualified funeral celebrant I want to give you complete peace of mind by creating a celebration of life for you, or for your loved one. I am passionate about ensuring that you and your loved ones are aware of your options. We can talk about what's right for you, as there isn't a right or wrong way to say goodbye. 

Your farewell service doesn't have to be held at the crematorium or at the cemetery. You can separate the celebration of life service from the crematorium or burial. For example: As a keen gardener the service can be held in your garden or allotment, in a village hall, a favourite local pub, woodland or even a golf club, there are choices. This gives you an opportunity to create a comforting atmosphere which really reflects the life of the loved one who has passed. The cremation or burial would take place either after the service or the next day ( we can discuss this in more detail)

If you prefer a traditional farewell service at a crematorium that is of course fine. As I mentioned there is no right or wrong way, it is personal choice. I am happy to create a celebration of life service at a place of your choosing or a crematorium or cemetery.

Memorial Service

You can organise a memorial service with or with out scattering ashes. You can hold a ceremony anywhere you or your loved one wishes. In your garden or a favourite place.

A memorial service to scatter ashes may be at a place of your choosing but please seek permission to do this unless it is on your own land or you have the land owners permission.



Funeral Service 2024 Price £240

Memorial Service 2024 Price £200

Additional travel cost if over 30 miles @ 45p per mile


What's included:

You may contact me through my website, or a phone call to me. We can arrange a meeting at a venue of your choice to discuss your wishes. If you choose to go through a funeral director, please let them know you have a celebrant, as they will offer you their own celebrant. We will chat about the life of your loved one and I will put together a celebration of their life story. We will discuss the order of service including your choice of music for the service, any readings or poems ( I can help with this) you can choose for a family member to read or myself to read for you. This will be sent to your funeral director if you are having a traditional crematorium service. I always arrive early to ensure all is arranged, and I remain after the service to say goodbye to you and your family

Here are a few kind words from some families I have worked with to create a celebration of life service for a family member




Hi Sue

Just to say a very big "thank you" from all of us but especially mum for your kind, eloquent and very fitting tribute to Doug yesterday.

So many people told us how well you captured Doug's character and personality. Thank you x

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